Friday, 11 August 2017

Latte Dock v0.7, "...a tornado is coming..."

Latte Dock v.0.7 has been released!!! The second Latte  stable release has just landed! 

Go get it fromgithub ! 

- youtube presentation -

Latte v0.7

if you dont want to build it yourself, you can wait a few days to launch on your distro repositiories!

Take notice, Latte v0.7 is only compatible with:

  • Plasma >= 5.9
  • KDE Frameworks >= 5.29
  • Qt >= 5.7
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What to expect in the new release, you may ask...

multiple layouts in editor

Dynamic Layouts

you can have different layouts for your Latte which are updated dynamically without closing the application. At the same time you can assign these Layouts to your Activities, meaning that when you get into one of those Activities, Latte is updating its layout accordingly. To achieve the above goal we provide an all new Layouts Editor.

Hint: The previous Alternative session is now supported through Layouts

appearance page in basic mode
Basic/Advanced Mode

we simplify things for new users by providing two different modes for the configuration window. If you prefer simplicity stay with the Basic mode. On the other hand if you prefer full customizability, the kde style, switch to Advanced mode. We tried to follow the kde moto:

" simple by default,
powerful when needed "

six different visibility modes

Windows Go Below

a sixth visibility mode was added, in order for your dock to be always on top without taking up space from other windows. So now we provide, Dodge Active, Dodge Fullscreen, Dodge Windows, Auto Hide, Always Visible, Windows Go Below

title tooltips
Title Tooltips

Show the title of the items during hovering. Such as tasks or applets that support the parabolic effect.

background of Arc Dark theme with
35% opacity and no shadows

Enhance Configurability

You can change the dock offset, the panel transparency, define a different shadow for the applets and enable/disable the panel shadow.

top dock with no maximized window available
Dynamic Background

same dock with maximized window

Show the panel background only for maximized windows and be transparent otherwise.

three separators (two as applets and one internal)
not blocking the parabolic effect

support separators everywhere including one special internal separator for tasks

hearing radio in the browser
Audio Streams

audio stream indicator for tasks, the user can increase/decrease/mute the volume through this indicator

use the global launchers group
for this dock

Launchers Group

Unique: a unique set of launchers
Global: the global set of launchers
Layout: the layout set of launchers

Hint: these groups are used in order to sync launchers between different docks

official plasma taskmanager in Latte
Plasma Taskmanagers

support applets that take up all the free space of the dock (in Justify alignment).

So the user is now able to replace the Latte Tasks plasmoid with his favourite plasma taskmanager

hearing the radio, downloading a file and
three messages waiting to be read

libunity support

support the libunity way of showing counters and tasks progress through the plasma way of doing this.

Tip: the libunity9 library is needed

                           Global Shortcuts

Super : show the app launcher, howto...
Super+` : show the dock if hidden and expose the task number
Super+Number : activate the relevant task
Super+Ctrl+Number : create a new instance for the relevant task

five unread e-mails
Thunderbird Plugin

a community provided thunderbird plugin using the Latte dbus interface to expose the number of unread e-mails. You can download it from here.

Wayland Tech Preview

We are trying to support wayland for the Plasma environment and so we now provide a tech preview. You shouldnt notice any difference except bugs that exist also at the desktop environment. The docks are positioned correctly and most of the features should work already.

Hint: As this is a tech preview expect some things to break or not work correctly. Plasma team has moved its focus to wayland so you could expect from us improvements following of course their development steps...

fixes / improvements
  • switch completely to plasma libtaskmanager for launchers and tasks
  • improve color handling for window different states
  • add Widgets through the context menu
  • places support from Plasma 5.10
  • a special Latte spacer that its size can be set in pixels or in percentage according to the current Latte icon size
  • active window indicator for window previews
  • copy dock support, fantastic feature for multi-screen environments
  • remember last active window in a tasks group and use the mouse wheel to cycle through a tasks group
  • restart Latte in case of a crash
  • overlay over plasma applets such as forlderview in order to provide correct parabolic effect (bug: showing problematic animations for icon sizes smaller of 64px)
  • provide our own build-in active applet indicator in case the user wants to have uniformity across its docks
  • move the lock button from the drag area into the tooltip
  • disable automatic icon size shrinking when a plasma taskmanager is used
  • improvements for parabolic effect and  various animations
  • support import/export for layout independently and for the full configuration
  • support automatic and manual importing from v0.6 architecture

You can read Latte v.0.6 - fresh air... for features introduced in previous version...

    "Old Paper" at, wallpaperswide.com
    1. BoxCat Games - "Epic Song" at, freemusicarchive.org
    2. Podington Bear - "Now Song" at, freemusicarchive.org 
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  1. Extremely cool work! --Eike, libtaskmanager dude

    1. Thank you very much!!! :) I love your work for plasma! :)

  2. wow! great work, thank you!

  3. Would you consider making this a KDE project? You'd get lots more exposure, free translations and other help and included in stuff like KDE neon

    1. Jonathan can you point me please how to start the kde incubation process? is there any online form or communication channel?

  4. yes Jonathan,

    We have talked also with Jens Reuterberg a few weeks ago. As a team we concluded that it should be the next step :). I believe that during September there is a good chance to start the Incubation process... Personally I just want one or two small bug fixes for 0.7 in order to not break the distribution and process channels from now...

    After that we can have a feature freeze for Latte and start moving all the infrastucture under kde...

  5. Could be possible to have the downloader viewer without the libunity dependency?

  6. I'm blown away! This is so awesome and cool! I already use latte as my main dock but 0.7 is packed with so many goodies I can't wait to get it. This is BIG!

    It's already in Manjaro unstable repos so I must wait patiently, hopefully till next Sunday (or the one after that...)

    This all looks like latte will be very mature and the best dock there is, a must if running Plasma DE.


  7. This looks like plasma panels done right. I hope it will eventually replace them. Keep up the great work!

  8. Today I play all day with latte and I figured out most of new features, but there are few that I have no idea where to start:

    1. Libunity support. I already see indicators. I'm not sure what "libunity way of showing counters and tasks progress" mean. Should I add libunity from AUR or not? File transfers on file managers, sound on various programs work, but I see no progress for filezilla. Will libunity bring that up? In other words, is libunity further enhancing indication possibilities so they could be shown in plasma way?

    2. Global shortcuts. I was able to enable super for start menu - great!. Unfortunately, I couldn't trigger launching programs with number keys (as it works on default plasma task managers). What is super+? super and plus key does nothing. super and numbers does nothing. Do I miss something?

    3.This isn't really a question. I managed to make thunderbird's unread messages be shown on latte but not without some troubles. The link in this post redirected to tar.gz file and I had no clue what to do with it. No instructions anywhere. I went back to BlueStart sourceforge page and then available files and then I found xpi file. I realized that this is a thunderbird's plugin so I knew what to do and used it. My though is: there need to be more info or separate post on it, because many users will be lost. Not all will know xpi files or what to do with source file and where it belongs.

    4. Launcher Groups. I cannot for live understand what they are. Can you elaborate and give some usage cases? I see no difference if I choose none, internal or all. Just to be on safe side I chosen All, whatever it is.

    Thanks for clarifying things.

    1. 1. libunity provides a way in order to provide proper indications for applications in plasma style... You need to have installed libunity9 but at the same time the application must support it. I dont know if filezilla supports libunity... chrome and telegram support it (for telegram unfortunately you need a way to trick it in order to think that is is also in a unity desktop environment, you need to add the following in Telegram desktop file, env XDG_CURRENT_DESKTOP=unity )

      2. you need to enable them from plasma systemsettings, Global Shortcuts, Latte Dock

      3. makes sense, feel free to add any info at https://github.com/psifidotos/Latte-Dock/wiki/Tips-&-Tricks which is community driven

      4. Launchers Group: Unique, Global, Layout
      Active Applet Indicator: None, Internal, All

      which one are you refering?

  9. 1. So it does add more indicator options for certain applications? In AUR I only have access to libunity:


    Is is the same with libunity9 or is libunity9 part of libunity? Or do I have to find source file and compile it? Never done it before and never had need for it so far.

    2. Ah thanks. I thought it will be active as default. When I wanted to set super+numer, system protested as it belongs to system default task managers. Hmmm.... An idea: maybe an option "switch system keyboard launchers to latte (warning: when this option is on, system task managers won't have access to those shortcuts"?
    So switching on would rewrite shortcuts to latte, switching off would rewrite them to system task managers. Plus some question mark with tooltip: "You can set those shortcuts manually in system global shortcut settings if you want to keep system default keys"

    3. Will check that. Latte becomes a powerhouse with so many options and possibilities that it needs own wiki (or something alike) and link to it in settings, so new users could read up. It's really hard to find out all those things by yourself.

    4. Uh, all? I have no idea what are those. Let's start with what is "launcher group"?

    1. 2. it is the plasma way... all apps register and set their global shortcuts this way...

      3. yep, this is why it provides a basic and advanced mode. There are users that dont want to configure everything and others that need such big customizability... So reading is in the process, what other users do etc...

      i) Launchers Group: it is used if you want to sync launchers between different docks/panels... Unique, that dock will have its own unique set of launchers. Global, that dock will sync its launchers with other docks that have set also Global as launchers group

      ii) Active Applet Indicator: Latte introduces a new style to show active windows (that is the blue thick line). This line isnt based on the current theme active image but on the current theme color pallette... This looks different from applets... This settings is trying to create uniformity between all applets and tasks

  10. I may have found answer on nr 1.
    I found this:
    The sourcefile is described as libunity 7.1.4 and that's exactly what I get in AUR. Installing...

    But... I won't have any way to check if it works or which effect comes from it. I don't use telegram. I mostly stick to qt apps if possible. Of course I can't avoid gtk, electron and other toolkits (libre) from time to time.
    Still, I want to have as full experience with latte as possible so I do want libunity.

  11. After I installed libunity I get that after Filezilla launch:

    ./src/gtk/toplevel.cpp(988): assert "m_widget" failed in Show(): invalid frame

    [1] wxTopLevelWindowGTK::Show(bool)
    [2] wxTopLevelWindowBase::Destroy()
    [3] wxEvtHandler::ProcessEventIfMatchesId(wxEventTableEntryBase const&, wxEvtHandler*, wxEvent&)
    [4] wxEventHashTable::HandleEvent(wxEvent&, wxEvtHandler*)
    [5] wxEvtHandler::TryHereOnly(wxEvent&)
    [6] wxEvtHandler::ProcessEventLocally(wxEvent&)
    [7] wxEvtHandler::ProcessEvent(wxEvent&)
    [8] wxEvtHandler::SafelyProcessEvent(wxEvent&)
    [9] wxTimerImpl::SendEvent()
    [10] g_main_context_dispatch
    [11] g_main_loop_run
    [12] gtk_main
    [13] wxGUIEventLoop::DoRun()
    [14] wxEventLoopBase::Run()
    [15] wxAppConsoleBase::MainLoop()
    [16] wxEntry(int&, wchar_t**)
    [17] __libc_start_main

  12. It seems not be related with libunity:


    However, this morning it worked fine and only thing that changed is that I installed libunity along with many dependencies.

    As to group launchers, it's still fuzzy to me. I have to see on video how it works, because I probably miss something. So far it does nothing visible to me and the launcher on other activity doesn't have the same programs despite both having global setting.
    Anyway, don't worry about it, probably I will figure it out at some time or I won't need it.

    The same with applet indicators. I think I understand what you are describing but... changing those options also doesn't change anything so I probably misunderstood it either. Indicators if window is opened/minimized/active work fantastic so I have no issue here. It clearly shows each state. Latte much improved since I started using it :).

    The other things I fail to see the difference is Animation 1x to 3x and I saw on YT videos, others also didn't see anything. Still, it's nothing important.

    P.S. By the way, I am surprised you are responding to me at Sunday. I really appreciate but you can take the day off ;). I wouldn't mind waiting for the answers ;).